I will be sharing this in a series.

The module of CREATING ABUNDANCE & MAKING MORE AVAILABLE has three  major segments:

  1. Breaking scarcity mentality. Destroying limiting programs installed from childhood and rethinking your paradigms on MONEY, WORK, GIVING, PROVISION.
  2. Understanding the creative process. How Do Material Things Come To Us? A treatise in creationism.
  3. Building the capacity for more. Dreaming, inspired action and the power of precision.

I’ll try to share some gleanings from this all important MODULE.

This first attitude is quite important – The attitude of abundance says to hurting loved ones, “let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I am here for you.” You don’t need to have loads of cash to be a source of life to someone else in your inner circle. Don’t shrink away from your loved ones who are down.

Watch the video explaining this attitude here.