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Why I wrote the book…

It’s been a long journey from your days as music artiste, then an actor and then an author, take us can give a brief insight into your trajectory these years?

It has been an eventful one, and one that I am deeply grateful for. I consider it a high privilege to have experienced life being many different things. Being a music director was probably my first consistent duty ever since I discovered my musical gift. Sharing it with so many people over two decades every weekend was enriching, although it didnt pay as much.

However it provoked, the desire in me to find wider and deeper expressions for the gift. This led to recording albums and sharing them. I think when you constantly make more of yourself people are drawn to you. This is the only way I could explain how acting came into the mix. I was invited by my church group to play leas in their faith based productions. The confidence people say I project onscreen however was learned as a performing musician.

One demand led to another and doors began to open for TV series like Tinsel and then ultimately to my first starring role in a blockbuster cinematic film like THE MEETING. Soon after, validation started to come and I began to win national, continental and neo-global nominations and awards.

Leading small groups over those two decades also meant I had to work with people a lot, especially young people such as myself. I had to be involved in their lives, teach and motivate them to make more of their lives and employ the principles we were learning in church. I believe that this was the beginning of my leadership development career. I did it so long and found out I was enjoying it. I wanted to learn it better. This was how I went to ger my life coaching certification.

I guess writing is an offshoot of this sort of learning and practice. Since 2008 I began to consistently share my ideas of success, wisdom and spirituality on social media. This has won me a lot of audience who probably don’t find it too strange that I wrote a book.

I have also started a self improvement brand and platform called SPIRITUALITY, CREATIVITY AND CLARITY SEMINARS and we have held it in Lagos and Abuja. We are adding Port Harcourt to the list this year. The three cities will happen in three weekends in July this year.


Jimi Tewe

This book is a rich bundle of lessons learnt from sight, depths borne out of insight, and strategies produced by foresight.