To find pleasure in our work, we must first find the courage to do it properly. Our shoddiness hurts our sense of pride first and in our low moments we’ll have nothing to lift us up.
Be sublime.

In my low moments I am encouraged when I think about a few moments I’ve been brave enough to put heart in my work. I often get lifted when this happens.

The love you put in your work isn’t lost. People can feel it. Love the work at hand. It’s a potent charm. It cures you first, then cements your place amongst the greats, and passage into those quarters where gains aren’t the topic of discourse but the elevation of the craft.

The surest way to go up is to maximize the level we are on – to discharge all its responsibilities, maximize all the opportunities and crystallize all its lessons.

We all want to do work that counts for something. We all want to make a difference. But we must see traces of what we want in what we have. You access the work that counts through the work you’re given. The relationships, discipline, character and credibility you need to amplify the big work you aspire to are built while doing the work you’re given.

Love the work at hand. Inject passion and diligence into it. Meaning flows from you and the work has no other reward except the one you put in it.

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