Some of you in business, it’s only the Bible you read. That’s why you’re failing. (Read business books).

Pastor Poju

Don’t be uninformed and be quoting scripture.

Have a meeting with yourself every week. Am I allowing things based on emotion or are my activities trimmed towards my objective.

Assess these areas:


Assess your goals in these areas and ask yourself:

What do I need to do everyday towards the fulfillment of my goals in these areas?

The rest of the things, put them in the “devil’s box”. These are things that are nice to do, but are distracting.

You cannot do things that divide your resources. It leads to failure.

You actually have to do less in order to blow up.

Ask yourself WHY you do what you do because the less you do, the more impact you have.

If you get tired you lose in life. Once you’re tired you’re doing wrong work. Once you get tired, sun and wrong decisions will come in. Don’t wear yourself out.

“You don’t need to do many things, you just need to do few things well…”

Jeff Bezos