I had an interesting interview I would love to share with you. How do I make my faith relevant to life?

Please watch it below.

[The second part of the video deals with seeking validation for what we are doing from others in our environment.]

People struggle to understand that they must take responsibility for how their soul is fed. Only you know when something isn’t really meant for you.

I mentioned Ms Lauryn Hill’s Killing Me Softy song. What should the messages you hear from your church feel like? It should interpret your journey. If a church is meant for you, you should see elements of your own personal and private devotion reflected and reinforced in the messages you hear in church.

I love the popular  expression – move, you’re not a tree. If something doesn’t serve your practical life’s realities, find what does. That connection is personal, not communal. The place you worship has a direct impact on your quality of life and it’s a choice you must make meticulously and ruthlessly.


How did you choose the church you’re at right now?

Do you feel motivated to go there weekly or do you feel trapped and bored?

Do you often hear some of the things God has revealed to you personally in the messages being preached?

Are the messages relatable? Do they speak to your life’s reality at the moment?

Are you open to looking for a good place to worship that fulfils these conditions or does the very thought of leaving your present church paralyze you?

Happy Sunday.