Never do anything without dreaming.

If you don’t live from your dream, you’ll live from your traumas.

All feats of excellence reference a defined destination. The way it would feel good is if what’s happening is the unfurling of your inner consciousness.

Inspired action flows from an intelligent dream. Eloquent actions follow mental articulation. Precision is an enabler for the imagination.

So dream. Look far away from where you’re located. Travel with your mind. As you do this, read relevant books and look for clues that can help to reinforce and validate the pictures you’re dreaming with. This precision is what makes your dream work.

How you know it has become real to your subconscious is that it starts to instruct your commonsense.

Back to inspired action – a dream is not really yet a dream if it has not started influencing your life’s choices. A dream that has not moved you cannot move a needle in the universe. So in the actual sense of it, dreamers are doers.

When you use the three templates we talked about in the class (next class is in Abuja), keep educating your imagination with earthly and available tools. They will help you to be precise. This is the “deepening work” we referred to.

Grow to meet it.

Understand this – the distance between where you are and where you want to be is knowledge. The time it takes for your dream to come to fruition is the time it takes you to locate appropriate knowledge and life skills. Growing is a must if we must craft a future of intentionality.

Dream Away Anxiety

Anxiety will be response of an idle imagination that is not deliberately activated. If you don’t construct a picture for your mind, it will use your trauma to create a scary future for you and you’ll not be able to stop the accompanying debilitating anxiety.

But if your imagination is properly triggered, your mind doesn’t think you don’t have it yet. It experiences it as real and all your future worries would cool. Yes, you can dream anxiety away.

Go and create.