Your have incredible ability
To reinvent yourself
Many times over.

Have you really ever been still,
like totally still?
Don’t miss out on your own
spiritual growth.

They’ve always tried to make us
spiritually incompetent
by narrowing our perspective of our capabilities.
I recommend that you see yourself
primarily as a spiritual being
living out a natural life.

This changed my life.
You have naturally spiritual capabilities,
and so can connect with life at that depth.
Let your heart bring you
the voice of God.
You can hear, feel, see and be
at a deeper and higher spiritual state,
be rid of anxieties
and spiritual insecurities
and be revived.

No matter what your faith persuasion is,
you cannot benefit anything from it
if you don’t know how to embrace
your spiritual self and be totally still.

Find a quiet spot, breathe, be still.

Keep breathing
until your thoughts empty out
and your breathing is all you hear.

Do this often, daily,
until you begin to grow in awareness.
Have a notepad with you.

These three statements of affirmation,
repeated slowly and quietly
will get you started well:

I am blessed.
I am loved.
I am grateful.


If your learning is limited to your senses,
you would be totally underutilizing
your capabilities to perceive
the genius of your design.

The knowledge that changes everything
is one RECEIVED.
It is humbling and truly uplifting.